10 lbs. Halibut Fillet Portions

Enjoy special pricing on our 10 lbs. of Premium Alaskan Halibut.  Alaskan Halibut Fillet Portions are boneless, skinless, 8oz. portions, vacuum sealed and flash frozen to assure premium taste.  A naturally lean and light fish, Alaska Halibut has a reputation of being the world's premium whitefish. Alaskan Halibut has a sweet, delicate flavor with firm texture and a pure, white flesh, it is a natural for a variety of dishes.  Halibut is harvested in prime condition in the pristine open waters of Kodiak Island by our Sun'aq Tribal fishing fleet.

Fish are individually handled and iced by our fishermen to stringent quality specifications and processed within hours of harvesting.

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Serving Size: 3 oz. (85 g)

Cooked, Edible Portion




22 g

Total Fat

2.5 g

Saturated Fat

.5 g


60 mg


35 mg


460 mg


10 lbs. Halibut Fillet Portions

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